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Please note that currently the registrar only supports the and domain extensions. 


Before starting the transfer you will need to obtain your domain’s EPP code. 

This is sometimes known as a Domain Password or Authentication code. 

You can either obtain your EPP code from your current registrar or using auDA’s password recovery tool


You will also need to ensure that the Registrant Contact Email address is an address that is valid and one you have access to. 

You can check your registrant contact email address either at your current registrar or by performing a whois using auDA’s tool.


Once you have confirmed these details: 

  1. Head to Domains > Transfer Domains To Us 
  2. Enter your domain name and EPP code in the respective fields 
  3. Click Add to Cart
  4. Follow the steps provided in the cart. 


Once the transfer has been submitted, an email with a verification link will be sent out to the registrant contact email address for the domain name. 

This link needs to be clicked in order to authorise the transfer. 


Once the link has been clicked, the transfer of .au domain names will take roughly 2-3 days to complete. 


If you run into any issues with your domain transfer, feel free to get in touch with us via a ticket or over LiveChat and we will be happy to Help!

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