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If you are looking to access your cPanel account with us using an FTP connection, these steps will help you to get connected. 


We generally recommend using FileZilla to connect to our hosting services via an FTP connection as it connects using TLS 1.2 by default, however other FTP clients may work provided they use a TLS 1.2 encryption. 


To access the user root folder, your host name will either be your service IP address or 

 Please note that the hostname will only work if the subdomain is pointed towards your cPanel service with us. This is automatically configured if you are using our nameservers to point your domain to our hosting. 


Your root FTP login username and password will be identical to your cPanel login details, this guide will help you to locate them.


You can head to Services > My Services to find your service IP address under Hosting Details > Server IP


Creating an additional FTP user


If you are looking to create any additional FTP users in your cPanel account, possibly for any addon domains or web development work you can do so via the FTP accounts tool in cPanel. 


First you will need to log into your cPanel service.

  1. Once logged in, head to the FTP accounts tool under the Files header
  2. In the FTP accounts tool you will be met with the following fields: 
    Log in: This will be the username for the FTP account you are creating for example 
    Domain: Select the domain name you are looking to create the additional FTP user for
    Password/Password(again): Here you create the password for the FTP user and confirm it
    Directory: This is the file directory that this FTP user will have access to.
    Quota: Here you can set the quota of disk usage this FTP user is allowed to use
  3. Once the fields are completed, click create FTP Account


Under FTP Accounts you can also configure the FTP user accounts you have created, including updating the password or changing the quota. 


The server hostname for these accounts can either be the service IP address or



If you run into any issues getting connected via FTP, please send us a screenshot of the settings in your FTP client and the IP address you are connecting from via a ticket and we will be happy to Help!

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