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If you are receiving a hard or soft fail due to mixed content warnings, then this issue lies with your website's code itself. 

A mixed content error occurs when there are some resources or links within your website that are loading insecurely or with http instead of https, stopping the entire page from loading securely and applying your SSL certificate properly. 


You can test what links are loading insecurely by using whynopadlock.com or by pressing the following in your local browser:

  1. Windows: F12
  2. Mac: Cmd + Opt + I


  1. Windows: Ctrl + Shift + I 
  2. Mac: Cmd + Opt + I


  1. Mac: Cmd + Opt + I

Microsoft Edge

  1. Windows: F12


One way to get this fixed up is to use a plugin called “Really Simple SSL” if your site uses Wordpress. 

If this does not fix the error or you are not using Wordpress for your CMS, you will need to get in touch with your web developer for further assistance to get the links corrected as we are not trained in this aspect. 

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